Genesis G90

I feel like the Genesis brand gives me a taste of what it was it was like to see brands like Lexus, Infiniti, and Acura trumphiantly prosper out of otherwise more value-oriented automakers. I wasn’t alive then to see the birth of those of brands, but I am alive to see Genesis, the Hyundai spinoff.

The monolithic G90 is the flagship of the two car line-up. Disappointingly, theres little stylistic differentiation between it and the smaller G60. The G90 is, however, a handsome car both for its sheer size and restraint. It looks very chunky and substantial, a look created by the blunt nose and deliciously long and flat hood. It is very nondescript aside from the giant, drainage-grate grill. Nonetheless, there are some interesting touches on the exterior of the car, both good and bad. In particular, I found the taillights quite attractive but despised the flat piece of glossy plastic in the middle of the grill. Though neccesarry for the sensors used in driving aids, its like designers didn’t even try to hide it.

Fit and finish is excellent; trim is laser straight and the door shuts very fluidly and heavily in this age of thin metals and plastic. The interior is one of the most interesting of any car I have sat in. It is as big inside as the visual weight of the car is on the outside with a very wide center console. The console is probably one of the first things I noticed when climbing in the car, it is festooned with all kinds of shiny buttons and knobs along with a padded leather armrest. The second thing I noticed was the white analog clock; I love analog clocks in cars, especially luxury cars.  The dash was wide with nice, thick strips of wood and the speaker grills and gauges had a polished, metallic look to them. It all made it feel like a seriously high-end automobile, fortunate because it made up for some uncomfortable front seats. They not particularly soft and had an extremely intrusive headrest, one of those that jams your neck foreword out of a resting position. Bolsters, head rests, and back support was configurable, yet I could not find a pleasing combination. When I began to adjust the steering wheel tilt to my preference, it blocked the top part of the instrumentation; this really is a car for tall-statured individuals.

I looked around my shoulder into the sunshaded confines of  the rear seat, noticing it had its own button riddled console. Said console, trimmed in beautiful wood and stitched leather, had its own climate and seat controls. This car makes you feel like someone important; angle the seat back and stretch you legs far in front of you while viewing yourself in the lighted flip-down mirror.

Before parting ways with the massive Genesis, I appreciated one last element of its elegant restraint in the way it quietly mentioned its 5.0 liter V8 in subtle trunk-lid badging. This is a very grandiose car and an extremely impressive beginning to the Genesis name. I am not only well-impressioned by the lavish G90 itself, but am glad to have seen the birth of an exciting new luxury brand.


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