1972 Volkswagen & 1968 Chevrolet Camaro



In the parking lot in front of the local warehouse store, a few surprises rested among more modern machinery, including this bronze colored Volkswagen. As a Super Beetle, this variation of the iconic “bug” features a wider and higher hood that hides an independent front suspension and an extra four cubic feet of cargo space. The rear of this example housed either a 1300cc flat-four or the 57 horsepower 1600cc flat-four used in the 1302S model. On the decklid were four rows of cooling vents revealing this early form of the Super Beetle to be a 1972 model.


Not far away, a red Chevrolet Camaro SS convertible featured the revised front grill and turn signals added for 1968. Equipped with the SS package, this Camaro utilizes a 350ci V8 for power, while a 396ci unit was also available. An upgraded suspension for increased handling capabilities, and exterior styling upgrades, such as the black stripe seen on the front of the featured vehicle, where also part of the SS package. Check out the photo gallery below for more images of these vehicles.


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