The Classics of Woodville, Florida

Every spring, the Woodville Volunteer Fire Department hosts an annual car show that showcases many of the classic automobiles of the area. Although a small event, there are many fine examples of automotive history to be found. In the following photographs are a few highlights from the show.


This 1964 Ford Mustang was of pristine quality and represented the first-generation Mustang well.

20140701-132859-48539450.jpgThe interior looked just as nice as the flawless exterior

20140701-133747-49067157.jpgThis restomodded Mercury shows off its toothy grin and elegant body lines.


20140701-134133-49293963.jpgThe distinctive look of the quad headlamps and angular profile of the third-generation Chevrolet C/K series is unmistakeable.


Down the street from the car show, two more vehicles resided in the intense Florida sun.

20140701-134137-49297234.jpg20140701-134138-49298079.jpgAs the new all-aluminum Ford F-150 breaks new ground in the full-size truck segment, it’s interesting to look back at the first of the F-series pickups with this Ford F-2.




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