Lexus LF-NX: Gives New Meaning to Bold Design.

The Lexus LF-NX is set to be revealed at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show, but it has already made waves due to its edgy, futuristic design. Sharp creases and hard, jagged angles, make up the exterior and let the LF-NX stand out from other crossover SUVs. A prominent grill in front is familiar, its hourglass shape gracing the front of all other Lexuses on sale today. Front and rear inlets are reminiscent of those found on the now discontinued LFA, but are barely noticeable among the jungle of lines and edges. Bulging rear fenders and large wheels give the Lexus an aggressive stance unparalleled by any other crossover. The interior is not nearly as violent looking as the exterior, but still has a sporty feel. It most likely has a hybrid power train, though actual performance and mechanical data has yet to be released. It is almost certain that some production version of this car is to built, thanks to the immense popularity of crossover vehicles.



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